Hydro-mechanical cleaning of heat exchangers and condensers

The combined action of the cleaning bodies (scrapers) and water under medium pressure ensures an efficient cleaning along the entirety of the tube without the use of aggressive chemical agents.

A wide range of bronze, steel, plastic, and nylon cleaning bodies make it possible to choose the optimal solution for any situation.

Coating properties

If particularly adherent deposits are present, GMA offers an alternative of using high-pressure pumps equipped with special rotating nozzles and probes for the inside of tubes and pipes. This technique can be combined with one using cleaning bodies in order to obtain an even more effective treatment.


• Eliminates various types of deposits (limestone, molluscs, mud, etc.).

• Restores the efficiency of exchangers to design specifications.

• Does not damage the surface finish, even in coated pipes.

• Makes it possible to reduce stop times.

• Does not produce harmful waste.

Industry and Applications