Prevention and Maintenance

GMA has specialised offers to provide clients with a range of integrated services that make it possible to identify potential system problems at their source and to propose the best solutions to maintain and optimise the operating conditions of the different equipment over time.

In particular, GMA offers a complete set of services which can guide the client through all stages of the process, ranging from monitoring the operation of the equipment to correcting any problems that may arise, such as fouling or corrosion, as well as controlling efficiency over time.

Our services include non-destructive checks of heat exchangers using APR acoustic technology and the anti-corrosion treatment of condensers, as well as the interior coating along the entire length of pipes and the structural repair of industrial systems using composite materials.

The philosophy which GMA seeks to convey is that of “preventive maintenance”, namely the need to arrange interventions (inspections, hydrodynamic cleaning, anti-corrosion coatings) when potential problems are still not apparent, thereby being able to drastically reduce the risk of deleterious unplanned downtime, damages, or reductions in efficiency.