Quality Controls

The products used are periodically inspected in our laboratory or, where appropriate, in specialised third-party laboratories, in order to ensure consistent quality.
Other checks and tests are performed in order to identify the most suitable type of product for specific uses.
The preparation of the surfaces to be coated involves a preliminary degreasing when necessary, followed by white metal sandblasting in accordance with the Standard Sa 3 (SSPC SP-5 or NACE 1).

Verification of the finishing is done by a visual comparison with a known sample; the surface profile is characterized using a surface indicator according to ISO standards. Additionally, the degree of dustiness of the surface and any possible contamination by soluble salts (Bresle Test) are evaluated

During the application of the coating, the viscosity of the product (using a Ford cup) and the thickness of the wet layer are periodically checked.

After this process is complete, a visual inspection is done to check for any defects (bubbles or sagging), as well as an endoscopy and other non-destructive instrumental tests to verify the integrity and thickness of the coating.

Coating adhesion testing (Standard ISO 4624) can also be performed at the client’s request.