Condenser tube sheets coating

GMA apply for more that 20 years  condenser tube sheets coating  in new or currently used condensers and heat exchangers.
It involves the application of a layer of Phencote HR60 Primer, a second thick coat of Phencote 2000 T.S., and finally the top coat.

Tube-sheet damage caused by galvanic corrosion, cavitation, and abrasive content is easily solved with the Phencote T.S. process.

This process completely encapsulates and insulates the tubes and the tube-sheet by applying 3-5mm thickness of synthetic resins over the existing corroded tube-sheet. This system protects the tube ends from cavitations and is resistant to abrasive materials found in the water.

The coating also electrically insulates the tube sheet so cathodic protections are no longer required.

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tube sheet condenser

Coating properties

our coating for  condenser and heat exchanger  tube sheets :

  • Prevents losses from expansions between tube sheets and tube ends
  • Seals tubes along the tube sheets
  • Electrically insulates the tube sheets
  • Facilitates the inflow of water by reducing cavitation inside of pipes
  • Facilitates the entry of cleaning systems using sponges
  • Excellent resistance against erosion
  • Excellent resistance against cavitation
  • Good acid resistance
  • Excellent alkaline resistance


our coating for  condenser and heat exchanger :

  • Prevents bimetallic corrosion between the tube and the plate
  • Eliminates losses from expansions
  • Prevents the entry of cooling liquid into the process side, and vice versa.
  • Low cost of application
  • Long-lasting
  • Speed of application
  • Short warning time to begin work

Industry and Applications

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