Coating for Water Boxes

GMA offers several solutions in the area of anti-corrosion protection for the water tanks of heat exchangers and condensers.

HR60 WB represents a quick and effective solution to the problem; HR60WB is an epoxy coating with excellent chemical resistance that is specially designed for long-term protection in situations of aquatic submersion, both in fresh water and sea water.

HR60WB is applied in 2 to 3 layers with a dry film thickness (DFT) of 600-800 microns

In the case of particularly harsh environments with corrosion problems already in place it is possible to apply the Liner1 system, a multi-layer laminate made from vinylester or epoxy resin and reinforced with glass fibre.

If any particular structural problems arise, it’s possible to provide local reinforcement using carbon or aramid (Kevlar) fibres .