Refineries present a difficult environment due to the characteristics of the processing activities performed there, which are very critical from the point of view of safety and corrosion issuies.

GMA risen to the challenge and has sought to adapt its complete range of services to this complex sector. In these areas, where in addition to safety concerns there is also the issue of economic factors and the fact that unplanned shutdowns can result in unsustainable losses, structural repair techniques involving composite materials which can be applied cold to an operating system are of great importance.

GMA also offers a wide range of customised solutions for the anti-corrosion coating of tanks and reservoirs, as well as inspection and non-destructive testing services for heat exchangers and other systems.

Finally, for inner coatings of heat exchanger pipes, GMA offers special phenolic resins which can be applied along the full length of the pipe using patented machinery and which can resist the higher temperatures present throughout different work cycles as well as the periodic steam cleanings.