Work Supervision

GMA is able to provide qualified technicians who are capable of following-up, monitoring, and documenting all stages of the various processes required for the application of anti-corrosion protection, both in Italy and abroad.

Our technicians will gather all of the necessary information from the sandblasting inspection to the monitoring of environmental conditions during the application of the materials and the final verification of compliance of the protective cycle with regard to specific requirements, and afterwards a detailed report will be issued to explain the findings of the inspections.

Our staff possess the following professional qualifications:

  • NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineering) Coating Inspector, Level 2
  • INAC (National Anti-Corrosion Institute) Anti-Corrosion Inspector, Level B
  • Technician certified to perform non-destructive testing using the VT Method of Visual Inspection, EN473 Level 2