Non-destructive testing

Control of the latest generation of products with Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry for each type of heat exchanger, condenser, and refrigerant, on every type of piping and other materials.


  • quick and versatile inspection (less than 10 seconds per pipe)
  • location of leaks, obstructions, pitting, and erosion
  • checks of every type of piping and materials
  • checks of U-shapped, fined, spiral, and coiled tubing of any type
  • creation and location of defects on two- and three-dimensional models
  • digital data registration; all records are available for future examinations or comparisons
  • comparison of signals with video-endoscopic images
  • precise, detailed reports


Pulse reflectometry works by detecting the echoes generated by a one-dimensional acoustic wave travelling along the tube; any irregularities along the inner surface (section variations) generate a reflex.

Each type of defect – corrosion, partial or total obstruction, through holes – generate a different type of wave allowing for the identification and positioning thereof

The final result is a two- or three-dimensional diagram that makes it possible to identify the particular problem areas, such as openings corresponding to ammonia leakage or excessive vibration.

Inspections can be supported using video-endoscopy designed to confirm the nature and extent of the information provided by the instrument, carried out by one of our CND VT Level II EN473 and SNT-TC1A:2006 certified technician inspectors.