GMA, through the diversification of its service activities for condenser and  heat exchanger (polymer coatings, mechanical cleaning of condensers, etc.) and acting as a consolidated company, is able to provide a complete range of integrated services ranging from problem analysis to the mechanical cleaning of tubes and the custom restoration of exchanger and condenser using restorative coatings, as well as other specialized services such as coatings for reservoirs, water tanks,.

Our technologically advanced services  for Condenser and heat Exchanger make it possible to:

  • Increase the operational life of the equipment
  • Decrease problems generated by corrosion, tube expansions, and fouling.
  • Restore tubes  in such a way as to prevent high maintenance costs
  • Enhance the efficiency of condensers
  • Make savings on required interventions through the speed thereof.
  •  Reduce the  downtime losses because our solutions could be applied during emergency or shutdown time
  • Prevents corrosion on tube sheet and waterboxcondenser GMA coating

Whether you are dealing condenser  with leaks caused by erosion/corrosion at the tube ends or tube sheets, tube plates or throughoutthe entire tube length, GMA can extend the life of your heat exchanger to avoid costly down-time or bundle replacement. Reduce your cost and increase the efficiency of condenser with GMA coatings solutions.

The GMA  coatings are designed to prevent corrosion and erosion in tube sheets and  tubes in heat exchangers and condensers. Our  patented technology is ideal for strengthening tube-sheets, water-boxes, tube inlets and tube internals.

The company has over 30 years of international experience in powerplants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants.
The R&D Department carries out a wide range of technical & chemicals tests for our
clients in order to continuously improve and innovate our products and technique



GMA Powergen Europe 2017

16 May 2017

GMA will be present  at Powergen Europe 2017, from JUNE 27-29. Come to visit us ! Stand  E94. The POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe exhibition consists of a world-class exhibit floor filled with many of the largest players from the energy market. Attracting power professionals from more than 100 countries across Europe and around the…

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30 August 2016

Download   the new  GMA brochure .  

GMA thank you for visiting our booth at this year’s Power-Gen in Milan.

30 June 2016

We hope you throughly enjoyed your visit and our hospitality. The exhibition was a great success for GMA and gave us the opportunity to show our services for heat exchangers and condensers, which generated a great interest